About Us

I grew up the daughter of the WW2 “Make Do and Mend” generation. My mother grew up like many in a struggling family during the war.  Money was tight and the make do and mend approach always came into play. Whether making curtains, repairing socks, adjusting passed on clothes or knitting dolls outfits making was an everyday occurrence.

My passion for crafting and creativity started at an early age. I remember as a small child our family kitchen table was often the home to a sewing machine or scissors, glitter and glue with a give it a go approach.

It quickly became apparent once I became a parent I have passed on my passion to my own children. Initially I started sourcing items to please my own families making needs and as a result of this My Craft Kits came into existence.

My daughter is now 15 and together we run My Craft Kits. The business is growing steadily with the regular addition of new items. I hope to appeal to crafters of all ages and all budgets whilst maintaining the personal customer service afforded by that of a small family business.


I hope to share my enjoyment and passion for making and fixing things with you.