Candle Wax & Supplies

We currently offer candle wax pellets made from pure paraffin, and gel wax refills for the gel candle making kits we supply. We hope shortly to offer a diverse range of wax dyes and scents plus wicks in various sizes. 

Our candle wax is produced in Europe and is supplied in pelleted form. These wax pellets are easy to measure and pour, and make wonderful candles with consistent colour, which burn evenly. Our candle wax is food grade, meaning it can also be used to seal food products such as cheese!
Available in a iwde range of sizes from 250g right up to 25kg bags, our candle wax is great value as we purchase several tons to benefit from the best pricing. We've usually got very large stocks available- if you're looking to purchase bulk candle wax please contact us with details of the amount you require, and we'll see whether we can offer you a better price. For our many enthusiast candle makers, our current offering is usually sufficient and copes with most volumes of candle making.

The gel candle wax we supply is produced in the UK and intended primarily as a refill for our popular gel candle making kit. However this gel wax can also be used as a stand alone product- simply find a container, add a wick, heat the wax and pour in. For extra effect add some shells, glass or other eye catching items to the gel which wil be visible when it's set solid.
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