GillianGladrag Felt Making Kits

Gilliangladrag felt making kits are a new range of craft kits using the finest Merino wool to produce some wonderful felt artefacts, using both dry (needle) felt and wet felt methods. Designed and produced in the UK by Gillian Harris, author of the popular felt making book Complete Feltmaking, they're beautifully packaged, well thought out and a delight to use.

If you're interested in felt making, these kits are a great way to start. The simplest way to get into feltmaking is to purchase one of the Basic Feltmaking Kits, which contains all the basics you'll need- a bamboo mat, 100g of colourful Merino fleece tops, net, and detailed instructions. It says a lot for the thought that's gone into the kits that the instructions are waterproof! This kit will get you started, then you can purchase any of the more colourful kits to make a more advanced felt item. 

Take a look thorugh our range of felt making kits and see which appeals- they're all great fun to make and thoroughly desirable once finished.