Advanced Craft Kits

Our advanced craft kits are designed to provide a more thorough approach to each craft, using more advanced techniques, larger quantities of supplies, and higher quality tools and equipment. If you're serious about a craft, but don't know where to start, these advanced kits make it easy to get involved. Like our other kits, they're complete with no extra items required to complete the craft project, but they're also more detailed and often include those components that add a professional finishing touch to the item- for example the Creative Candle Kit includes scent to perfume the wax of the candles.

These kits will provide hours of enjoyment and the end results will be items which have an intrinsic value, either for the maker or as a gift. The higher price of the kits reflects the larger quantity of items that each kit is capable of making, as well as the higher quality of each finished craft item. Many provide quality tools which you can use as the basis for a craft tool box after the kit has been finished.