Marbling Kit

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Marbling is the art of creating unique designs by transferring paint from water to another surface. The paint floats on the surface of the water, creating a film, which then sticks to the item dipped in it giving a marbling effect. Several colours of paint can be added at one go and marbled together using a swirling stick. Marbling's an easy craft but the results can be stunning- wonderful blends of swirly colours which are always random and completely unique. Once you've done the kit, you can use the remains of the paints on other items- try 3-d shapes like polystyrene balls or hearts for home decorations!
Kit contains paints, pipettes, marbling tray, greeting cards/photo mounts, bookmarks, gift tags and comprehensive instructions.
Pack size: 195x145x35mm. Suitable for 14 years and above.