Candle Making Starter Kit 

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Candlemaking is a very traditional craft and the different techniques for the various types of candle have been passed down through the centuries. While we no longer rely on candles for our lighting, candle light does provide a much softer and more ambient light than electric power and there is a certain satisfaction of having made the light source yourself! 
This kit is our entry level traditional wax candlemaking kit but it's still an excellent introduction to the art. It contains wax pellets, candle moulds, wax dyes, wicks and wick rods, mould sealant, and clear instructions. You can use it to produce candles in several shapes with different colours, and the moulds can be reused with further supplies of wax to produce more candles once the kit is finished. The candles produced with this kit can be used around the house or given as presents with that personal touch!
Pack size: 205x185x70mm. Suitable for 14 years and up.